The qualification and experience of MOI insurance broker specialists in the field of insurance allows offering our Clients solutions and consulting services on the following issues:

  •  Identifying the need in insurance, selecting the necessary program;
  • Analyzing the insurance market, assorting tariffs for insurance;
  • Consulting on all types and programs of insurance;
  • Formation of the commercial offers from several companies;
  • Delivery of insurance contracts, policies at convenient time and place;
  • Assistance and support throughout all insurance period;
  • Conducting trainings and seminars.

MOI insurance broker analyzes the risks to which the business is exposed to, as well as develops strategies to optimize these risks. Insurance / reinsurance are risk management tools.

Consulting, which is offered by MOI insurance broker in the sphere of risks, includes the following activities:

  • Analyzing the insurance / reinsurance portfolio of the Company, in the context of the specifics of the terms of the insurance / reinsurance contracts;
  • Analyzing the outgoing reinsurance contracts on compliance with risks and conditions covered by the original insurance contract with the risks and conditions in reinsurance;
  • Analyzing the adequacy of reinsurance structures and the adequacy of tariffs proposed for reinsurance.