Reinsurance is the main activity of MOI insurance broker and occupies more than 80% of its business.

MOI insurance broker offers the risk placement, both on local and international market. The professional approach of brokers, reliable relationships with partners and focus on the market allows us to suggest the most convenient reinsurance conditions.

MOI insurance broker place the risks under the following reinsurance programs:

  • Treaty (proportional / disproportionate): PRO RATA, QUOTA SHARE, SURPLUS, EXCESS OF LOSS, STOP LOSS, CAT XL;                                                                                                       
  • Facultative: PRO RATA, EXCESS OF LOSS.

Along with the placement of risks, we offer:

  • Analyzing the outgoing reinsurance contracts on compliance with risks and conditions covered by the original insurance contract with the risks and conditions in reinsurance;
  • Analyzing the adequacy of reinsurance structures and the adequacy of tariffs proposed for reinsurance;
  • Analyzing is carried out by assessing the quality of the insurance portfolio on risk exposure for which the consistency portfolio is examined, as well as the terms of insurance and reinsurance contracts, the tariff policy, and the level of reinsurance are evaluated.

MOI experience in the sectors: aviation and space, chemical industry, construction, electric power, financial and professional risks, pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies, manufacturing, metallurgy and mining, property, art insurance, food industry, light industry, transport, retail and wholesale.