Chemical industry enterprises are exposed to a large number of risks, primarily because of the specifics of production. This industry is characterized by risks associated with causing harm to the environment, threats to life and health of employees, emergencies associated with the usage of various production technologies. Many years of experience in risk management, understanding of the specifics related to environmental protection, health and labor and clear understanding of the industry and key market participants, all these components, determine the professionalism of MOI.

«MOI insurance broker» Ltd

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Other industries

Power industry

MOI professional support will contribute to reduce the risks of industry enterprises, activate the economic situation and plan strategy for the future.

Pharmaceutics and biotechnologies

MOI experts analyze the main risks, offer individual solutions in the field of insurance, which help Clients to reduce risk, protect assets and ensure profitability of the business.


Team of professionals who knows the specifics of the construction industry, as well as usage of innovative analytical tools, allow MOI to develop strategies and implement risk management programs taking into account the specifics of your business.


MOI insurance broker holds a leading position in Kazakhstan in collaboration with the financial institutions.


MOI insurance broker is one of the leaders in Kazakhstan in developing insurance and risk management programs for various manufacturing enterprises.

Metallurgy and production

We interact with the largest metallurgical enterprises, as well as major players, with many of whom the long-term and successful relationships have already been formed.


MOI insurance broker specialists interact with the Сlient to determine the full range of property risks, and offer a comprehensive solution for the property insurance.

Insurance of art objects

MOI insurance broker experts understand how valuable art objects, jewelry or precious metals are, and what effective insurance coverage should be.

Food industry

Complex MOI approach to insurance will provide the planned profit regardless of the circumstances.


MOI has a vast experience and offers Clients the reliable and effective risk management programs to enhance the business resilience.


MOI insurance broker qualified specialists due to the tremendous experience and intellectual capital will protect the interests of the Client, assist in choosing the best solution in collaboration with insurance companies, emergency commissioners and appraisers.

Retail and wholesale

MOI insurance broker specialists have a tremendous experience both in developing insurance and risk management programs and in assisting in insurance claims settlement